Exercise Recap Week 1

Well as you remember from this post I had decided I was making a "lifestyle" change lol

I was going to work out

I was going to eat healthy

I was going to keep you guys updated

Well here is the update...

I haven't started :/ lol

Yeah as you are all probably learning, I tend to do things at my own pace lol

So I am feeling a bit like this picture:

I spent all this time pinning things and making up a plan in my head and thinking how good it will feel, yet I did none of it!! So I want to be honest with ya'll cause that will make me be honest with me!

So no I haven't started doing any of this yet, but I WILL!

We have started eating better and I want to change so that is huge on it's own lol

Last year this time we did this too but in order to prepare for our wedding and it worked really well!

The hubs and I each lost weight, I lost about 20lbs and it was great!

Clothes fit better, I felt better and overall it was just a positive!

And then the honeymoon hit and I realized I had not made a lifestyle change, instead I made a crash diet-for our wedding-change lol and obviously it failed once our incentive was gone :)

So here is what I looked like a year ago:
{forgive the face lol}

And here is today:
{Yeah I used to be the size of the baby sister next to me lol}

So needless to say, I want to fix this!!

So thanks for baring with me and sticking around, I will have better things to share with ya'll next week I know I will!!

Love ya'll,
Meesh :)


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