Christmas {2011} Recap

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it is a bit late! haha as you are probably learning at this point I tend to do things on my own time. :)  Sorry!

So first my friend Stacy May and I made Christmas Ornaments together using the fabulous Kelsey's idea of puff pant, wax paper and creating!!  Here are the results!!

1. puff paint in choice colors, 2. paint on the wax paper in any design shapes etc., 3. peel off puff paint once it is dry {patience on this step lol}, 4. slather on a layer of mod podge {I used matte for this}, 5. place on ornament, 6. push til the mod podge is dry

And presto! 

{I forgot to take a pic, but this one had red swirls and a snowflake on it :)}

Then there was the funtabulous Christmas Party me and my friends had this year...

It started out beautiful and ended a little umm clumsily lol :)

Here's a photo montage lol...

 We always take "couple" photos, there are some of these from almost all gatherings lol
 And this sums up our night lol :)

And last but not least was Christmas Day...
 Shafer Christmas!  Please note the super fab ornaments and the world's cutest preggo! {my sis in law!}
And then Christmas at our house this year

And that my friends sums up my Christmas holiday this year!

I know it is late and I know it is busy but I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our world!!

Love ya'll,
Meesh :)


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