I am ____ right now...

I am linking this up to Miss Mommy's Tuesday Ten

I am... {cold} right now... {ik,ik snuggle up :)}
I {wonder}... what will I be when I grow up? 
I {see}... a sleeping puppy and a sleeping hubby
I {smell}... nothing, these darn allergies are winning {yet again!}
I feel... {tired} and should be heading to bed... but this is way too fun! 
I am {excited} for my PJ ornament making cookie exchange sleep over Saturday!
I {miss}... my family 
I {enjoy}... blogging, crafting, holidays, family and straight up goofiness!! 
I {love}... surprises but usually ruin them... just ask the poor hubby lol 
I {want}... to be able to put something really insightful here but instead i just spent the last 5 minutes looking at Miss Mommy's FB and blog lol so instead I will use that sentence as my want :)
Oh one more...
I can {hear} some crazy show about the country bumpkin version of myth buster lol... seriously totally comical!!!

What are your _ right now? 

Meesh :)

Me and my mini {POO}


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