Fall Mantle

Yes you read that right lol I am a bit behind forgive me! :)

So I went to great efforts to make my fall decor look good and I made stuff so I decided even though I put up all my Christmas stuff yesterday, I wanted to share my fall stuff {that way it doesn't feel jealous of the multiple posts that Christmas will get!}

Well here we go... {beware multiple pics :)}

 This was my fall mantle all done up! 
 Love the $1 section of Target! :)
 Willow Tree we got as a wedding present from my wifey :)
 Last year I had to have this wreath!! I was obsessed with it lol...
 I am sober proud of these shadow boxes as I sat down and "created" them using scrapbook paper and other props...tutorial for the Christmas ones to come! 
 My faithful scarecrow my mama bought me :)
 My "centerpiece" I created so proud lol
 Cute right? Yep thought so too! 
 And a pumpkin and a turkey :)

So that was my fall decor... hope you liked it now that I finally showed you... in December lol

Meesh :)


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