Dressing up your dog haha :)

So yeah I don't have kids, but I love dressing up my dog tehehe :)

So this is my dog in a nut shell and these next pics will explain why haha...

 Yep that is right... he is wearing a shirt that says BOO lol and we call him BOOBOO so it is even better! :)

 This shirt said naughty and nice but he didn't want his pic taken, we will do this one again soon tehehe
 Ignore the creepy me cheese grinning it up, but enjoy the squirrel dog!

 Yeah he was not thrilled but it is next year's halloween costume!

 Is that the saddest squirrel ever lol poor thing

 Oh yeah that is right friends... my dog is dressed up as prancer!! As he "prances" through the house!! I know my wit astounds me too {or makes me sad but I pretend it amazes me :)}

Now please tell me someone else dresses up their pets? lol

Meesh :)


kt moxie said…
OMG! These are adorable! Dogs are so tolerant of our silliness, huh?
Meesh said…
Haha thanks!! Yeah he does well with it even though he is probably cursing me every time I dress him up!! lol
-Meesh :)

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