Christmas Wreaths {theoretical DIY lol}

So I spent my {last} Saturday night creating these for a friend...
I have realized over the last few months how much I enjoy creating so to speak lol and this is what I created! :)

I figured I would show you guys how I make them so here ya go!

 When I am using styrofoam or straw bases I like wrapping them in crepe paper first {just makes it easier and less changes of white fuzzes from the styrofoam or the plastic wrap on the straw bases getting melted with hot glue etc}

 Then we wrap with ribbon if we are making a ribbon wrapped one

Or yarn {for this one, I marked off {mostly} even sections with a ruler and sharpie and wrapped the red first, then the green.  worked best for me to cut off 80ft of yarn at a time to work with instead of the whole spool}

I just wrap and wrap until it is covered, hot gluing at the end of the ribbon or after each yarn section.

Then comes the fun part!!  Decorating!

 Green and Gold wreath for the {Irish Girl} 

  Americana/Christmas and Traditional Christmas 

{I really need to take better pics lol}  But then I just added the embellishments with hot glue :)

So question, if I were to make a few peacock themed wreaths and did a giveaway would anyone be interested?  I am thinking {cause I just hit 51 likes on FB!!} that once I hit 50 followers on here I will do that!! Thanks lovelies!!

Meesh :)

And a sneak peak at my handmade ornament for the exchange...

It was awesome!! :)


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