Christmas... It's the most wonderful time of the year... :)

So I love, love, love this time of year {from about September through the new year} and Christmas is the best...

Last year I went to Maryland for New Year's Eve and was introduced to my first ever 2 story Target!! 

Yep friends... they make those!! 

Well needless to say {but yet I plan on saying it lol} I went a big bit crazy!!

And my Christmas Mantle is partly the result {did I say that right?}

Now 2 words of warning: A.) There will be a lot of pics from this point forward and 2.) I am really just starting to try so forgive me cause it isn't nearly as good as some of these fine bloggies:  Tattered and InkedPositively Splendid, Tatertots and JelloFox Hollow Cottage and Craftberry Bush among a million others I have seen.

Mine is simple and mostly store bought {as mentioned above tehehe}

So here goes hope you enjoy!

 Well here it is friends! I did make one item on here the frame to hang cards :)

 This is the hubs nutcracker he has had since he was a kid I believe {oops bad wife alert}
 Side View :)
 These NOEL stocking holders were about 3 dollars on 75% clearance at that amazing Target last New Years!! Yeah there are 4 of them and only 2 of us lol but there is one for the Bubba and another for the dog I hope to get one day lol 
 I like to think of this tree as my whimsical How The Grinch Stole Christmas tree {you know the one I mean... with Jim Carey and the car exploding lol how does that little car explode I mean really... oh sorry tangent}
 The hub's stocking...
 My stocking :)
 Both stockings {you couldn't miss this pic or the whole post would fall apart lol}  
After writing more I realized this pic did serve a purpose, so I could tell you they were like $5 for both of them last year at Target!! Ha go me! I made it seem like it wasn't a screw up lol except I told ya'll it was... K, I am done now! 
 {other} side view ... awkward moment when I realized I post waaaay too many photos sorry! 
 I made this!!! Tutorial to come! :)
 The other Christmas tree that I bought at that amazing Target for probably $1 :)
And our wreath that my friend Cait bought us 2 years ago, it always gets a home for Christmas!

So as I said forgive me it isn't nearly as cook cool as some others, but I still *heart* it!!

What does your mantle look like this year?

Meesh :)

P.S. sneak peak at upcoming posts for Christmas


Savannah said…
What fun decor! Target is my happy place yet I've never been to this two story version you speak of. I must investigate!
Erin said…
Great decor, everything looks so good...thanks so much for linking up! Happy weekend :)
Ronni said…
*sniff* I don't have a mantle. My stockings are hanging on one of the bookcases.

Great bargains on your decor. I have to remember to hit Target after the holidays to get stuff on sale like that. I like to put it away and forget about it, then when Christmas comes again, it's like "Ooooo! I forgot I had this! And look, I got it for 25¢!"

And there can NEVER be too many photos!
Meesh said…
Thanks ladies! Yeah those 2 story Targets are amazing!! I have seen them in the city also {sorry NYC lol forget not everyone is from NY}. Thanks for having the link up Erin it was a great way to see other's decor. Ronni bookshelves work just as well!! I have also seen people do the wall hangings with the hooks and decorate those for Christmas :) And it is so much fun to find stuff later on, it makes me so happy!! Thanks I always feel so bad about all the photos lol
-Meesh :)

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