Ahhh so Excited!!

As my title tells you... I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!

1. Christmas was great and therefore my Christmas Blahhs did not win!

2. I am going to be writing some articles for a super duper amazing blog on one of my favorite topics and places ever... DISNEY!! :)

3.  In less than a week we start a new year with new resolutions and I can not wait!!

4. I have 3 million ideas in my head for my blog and need to take some time to get them all straightened out before I write for you and me!

5. I have been trying to be very crafty and want to share my craftiness with ya'll and can't wait!!

6.  I have made some bloggy friends and love it!! Some don't even know who they are but I admire their work and blogs and DIY and family and love for life so thank you to you all!!

7.  Ya'll have stuck it out with me since I started this crazy thing back in May and I thank you!!

And here is a photo that pretty much sums up my Christmas!  Enjoy!! 

The in laws bathroom lobster... oh yeah just wait for my Christmas post!! :)

Love ya'll,
Meesh :)


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