What I am Thankful for {week 2}

OMG just realized I forgot to post this Sunday!

Well my thankful fors {yep just made that a word :)} this week are a little different... blogs I am thankful I found and why!!

Fun right?! RIGHT! 

This lovely ladies blog was one of the first I found and one of the one's that gave me the courage to try my hand at blogging!! So thank you Ashley {p.s. she has no idea she inspired me lol but now all of you do!}


Kelly's blog is another one I found through a friend's randomly before I even had a blog or had found LMM.  I instantly was pulled into her world and still read her blog regularly.  She is truly an inspirational woman.  Please go check her out if you haven't already! 

So Nicole over at Miss Mommy was awesome when I decided to dive into the crazy and sometimes scary world of social networking your blog!!  I wanted to do the whole "fan page" on FB and Nicole was awesome, answered my questions and was one of my first "likes" and still likes me!! {Which I find so cool, now I sound like a dork lol}


So this lovely lady just oozes wonderfulness and straight caring and giving!!  Seriously her blog is just inspirational!! Everything she does is for other and for that reason, I so look up to her!! :)


And Beth here well she is just plain awesome!!  She comments on everything and totally tries to help me out at all times!! She is great and I consider her one of my first bloggy buddies {not sure if she is aware yet haha} but love her blog!! 

So this week these are {just} 5 of the many, many blogs that I am thankful I found and find so inspiring and wonderful!!

Thank you for all that you do ladies!!



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