What I am Thankful for {week 1}

This week I am thankful for...

1. My wonderful family and friends

2. My job and doing something I would have never imagined

3. Finding blogging and realizing being crafty isn't about being good but also about allowing yourself to be free and create

4. Time

5. The beautiful fall weather, wearing sweaters and boots

6. Waking up another day and being able to thank God for that

What are you thankful for?



Pidg said…
Oh, I love your thankful list! Especially the crafting isn't about being good..so true! It's my therapy for the real life stuff!

Thank so much for stopping by my blog this morning! It's so nice to know how many of you relate ;) New follower!
Ashley said…
i LOVE these pictures! so amazing.....i love them...just found you from LMM on facebook.!
Meesh said…
Thanks for visiting ladies!! Makes me smile!! :)
-Meesh :)

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