Lessons learned from Ms. Bloomwood

So the first time I read the original book I thought it was adorable!

I thought "how on earth could anyone get that caught up with shopping?!"

I mean we have all found ourselves heading out to shop and telling ourselves "today we are sticking to a, b and c and nothing else!"  And then there was that great sale over at The Limited, I mean how do you say no to 40% off everything right? 

And Joann's was closing that store to open the new one so I mean how do you pass up 50%, 60%, 90% off?!  Well the answer is you don't!! :)

And then...

 I realized OMG I am Becky Bloomwood {but in the states} and that is pathetic! LOL

Source: tumblr.com via Rachel on Pinterest

So I decided well let's learn from Becky's mistakes yes?  So I am going to do a mini series on lesson's learned from Ms. Bloomwood.  Hope you find them comical!! And I figured so perfect for this time of the year!!  

So first lesson learned from Ms. Bloomwood... Making up a story about a very sick aunt after blurting out you need $$ from a friend during a work event is not a great idea!!

This will only land you with the item {yes} but also with a lie to then remember and {heaven forbid someone realizes!} an event to live down!! --> luckily I have not done this one!

So that is lesson #1 from Ms. Bloomwood

Lesson #2: just because there is "cheap" items at the store does not mean you purchase every single one or any at all!!

What happens here is you find yourself with 15 spools {correct word?} of yarn and you don't crochet or knit!!  However I have to say they are coming in handy for my awesome wreath projects --> yep did this one...again and again and again and again {you get the idea :)}

So thanks for joining my first "Lesson's learned from Ms. Bloomwood"

Hope you come back next week for more lessons learned :)

Meesh :)


Cute blog. I returned the favor to follow u as well. Your blog is nicely put together. I loved the shopping one as I think we all do it. I call it retail therapy :)
Meesh said…
Thanks!! I love my little bloggy it is such a great outlet!! :) Yes I love me some retail therapy tehehe
-Meesh :)

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