Fall is here...

So this is the wreath that a.) has been hanging on my office door at work since like May haha and b.) the first one I ever made!! can you tell lol

Well it was time it was replaced by one dedicated to my FAVORITE season!!
And here it is...

Looked just perfect right...

WRONG!!  Guess it looked better on my BFF's door at home cause that is this wreath's new home!! haha

So I had to make a new one right? Of course I did!  So here is the new one that is still at home on my door at work! :)

 Attempt #1 that did not turn out that great at all so on to attempt #2 
 And it is still chilling on my work door... yeah that's right!  

I am just now showing you my fall wreath when it is almost time for Christmas lol.
Just a little tease...I own bright green, pink and purple Christmas ball ornaments that are going to be made into my Christmas Office Door Wreath!! 

Yay!! I love the holidays and blogging and crafty!!

What does everyone have going on for this time of the year?



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