Apple Festival

So this one weekend my roomie from college came to visit.
Well she is kind of amazing and awesome!
She is my Jamison!

Funny story about how Jamison and I ended up friends...
I was rooming with StacyMay freshman year and we each had our own "group" of friends...

Well we were doing this whole "lottery" concept for housing at my school and my "group" of friends well was a bit special at that point for lack of a better word...

StacyMay {per usual til this day haha} came to my rescue with the perfect solution...
"Meesh you are living with Jamison"

Ummm ok...?

Who would have known how well that would turn out!!
So for the next 3 years of college Jamison and I were always roomies and let me tell you she was the best rookie ever!!  I miss her sometimes!!  So this apple fest weekend was awesome!!

Here take a look and you decide! :)

The scenery on the way there home and while there!
Yes that is a bag piper!! How cool is that?! :)

There was a chicken pointing you to desserts... not sure of the connection either but whatevs! 
Those trees were carved out of wood!! Amazing work!
And some pretty halos!! Love the colors.

Hello Johnny Appleseed and Jamison!! :)

Those apple fritters p.s. were amazing!! Loved them!!  And how cute is that apple as the period in these signs?! 

So that was AppleFest!! :)

Hope you enjoyed!!

Meesh :)


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