Aggghh it's Sunday Again... so how about another Super Stalker Sunday Hop!

{And what I am thankful for week 3!-- you thought I forgot didn't you?! :) Never I know you look forward to it so much ;) }

I am linking this up for my 2nd Sunday in a row!!
Very proud of myself.
Want to see what it is all about?
Well here you go!! :)

These 4 wonderful bloggies set this up every week!
Make sure you show them some love :)

Mariah of Formula Mom 

It is a great concept and you make new bloggy buddies!! 
Now tell me you don't like making new bloggy buddies...
Exactly I knew you would cause I do too!! :)

So as I said the whole what I am thankful for week 3 {and last week lol, maybe I will do a Christmas spread the Jolly weekly post lol :) }

This week I am thankful for...

1. A 3-day work week!! Yay for having Thursday AND Friday off cause that means I get to go home and stay for Wednesday {maybe Thursday depending on this lovely CNY unpredictable weather lol} through Sunday!!

2.  The amazing, intense, kinda cooky Turkey Day food my family eats!
I am talking some lima beans, homemade stuffing {it involved gizzards, breadcrumbs, mushrooms, nuts and black olives among other things!! Yummy!} and turkey and gravy from scratch! Oh joy in my belly!! 

3.  My super awesome friends who put up with me and my super awesome ridiculousness when we go see movies such as this one...

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

Yep that's right I was that girl this weekend! You know the one who pretends she is so way cooler than the movie {but secretly could not wait for Saturday night so she could go watch it tehehe, besides my future hubby is in there... no not Edward but JACOB!! And yeah the hubs knows! :) }

4.  DIY crafts... I won't say too much more but I was a bit of a busy bee this weekend! :)
Can't wait to share with you guys!!

5. Spending Thanksgiving with family, decorating my house for Christmas over the next week or 2, cozy sweaters, the season of giving, snuggling with the puppy and sleeping in, upcoming events such as hosting Christmas at my house for the 1st time ever - my friend Cait's wedding this coming year - celebrating another New Year - the next Breaking Dawn movie tehehe and another day to be thankful for.

So I hope you go and join the Super Stalker Sunday Hop this week or next and would love to hear what each of you is Thankful for this year!!

Have a great Monday everyone!! 

Meesh :)


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Kathy said…
Found your site on the Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop and am now following :)
cute blog! found you thru hop
I try to act like I'm too cool for Twilight too but as soon as I got an invite to go see Breaking Dawn on Saturday I was calling my mom to watch the baby within about five minutes. LOVED it!! I can't wait for the next one!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back!

melissa @ knit purl baby
Bethany said…
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words. I love the things youre thankful've made me verrry hungry for Thanksgiving Dinner! Following you back with smiles :)
Ai Sakura said…
thanks for dropping by! I'm following u on GFC now :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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Meesh said…
Yay!! Ya'll are making my week!! I am following all of you lovely ladies and your blogs too!! I can not wait for Turkey Day!! :) Ya'll are awesome!!
Lots of Love,
Meesh :)

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