are the very bane of my existence!! 

Let me give you some pics of why that is...
Be prepared it ain't pretty! 

But seriously it is pretty darn funny looking!!

Now I can laugh because by the Grace of God both of these times, I never had any more of a severe reaction than the swollen lips!!  But because of this, I now am the proud owner of not 1...but 2 epipens!  {petrified of those things!!}

So this was September/October of 2010 and since then I have gained a laundry list of allergies {soy, peas, peanuts, tree nuts, grass, trees, dogs, cats, dust and I think that is it!}

I am not allowed to use Singulair any longer, no bananas, no cinnamon and no aspartame!

It has been a hilarious road {note sarcasm!!} and everyone that knows me can recite these ridiculous allergies {mostly b/c I am obsessed with them!}

So this leads me to my most recent adventure in regards to allergies: weekly shots!!

Yes I said weekly!  And at that 3 a week! :)

Now we are talking about a girl who cries when she gets blood draw or donates blood or even has to get regular shots!!  And now I am getting weekly shots for the next 6-12 months!! 

AHHH!!  Today was week 2 and I survived.  

So that is my adventure with allergies, oh I should mention this also happens at an allergy office filled with 3-10 year olds getting their shot and probably laughing at me because I am shaking every single time I walk in there!! lol

It must be a sight for those poor nurses and children! 

So now that I shared my super specialness with you, hope you still like me!!



I'm so sorry this is awful. I never had allergies until having babies, weird huh? I'm kind of thinking hey who cares if your lips freak out on you and get larger. Don't people inject stuff into their lips all the time to get your look, lol. xoxoxo
Meesh said…
You are too sweet!! I find it funny now and I never thought of it that way!! Sweet I can now just say I got lip injections next time haha :)

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