What happens in Vegas... ends up on Facebook!

Part 3 of the series "Why I *heart* that man."
If you are wondering what I am talking about here are parts 12

We tied the knot in Fabulous Las Vegas on March 21st, 2011!!

Wondering why I named it what I did?  Well I am notorious for every picture no matter how unflattering ending up on facebook and this included every single wedding photo taken : )

So yes as you guessed, today is our 6 month wedding anniversary!! : )

For this one, I am going to give you a picture version of our wedding.
It was at the Bellagio on their terrace at about 5pm with a reception following at a different hotel the Platinum.

It was small but so much fun!!

We had a Poo, a few friends, all the parents, some other siblings, a beautiful cake, and tons of food, music and drinks!! It was beyond awesome!



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