Labor Day Weekend... I spy version! :)

Over my labor day weekend at home I spied...

A very tired puppy... so many people so little time  

A broken mommy :(  

 Very pretty flowers in my mommy's garden! 

The beautiful (but I am almost positive dyed) flowers the Poo and I bought my mommy (because as mentioned above she is broken :( ) 

Decorating... country style! :) 

An adorable baby sister tending to the "farm" (also known as: 1 goat, a dozen {maybe} chickens, 3 ducks, 2 dogs, a rabbit and one on the loose!)

 The view from the front yard with all of our cars...

 One of the many trees in my parent's yard

 Grapevines and a house!  (best "I spy" ever!)

And what good are grapevines without grapes?!  

And the apple tree, once again what good is an apple tree without... 


Well hope you enjoyed my version of "I spy" and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Meesh :)


Nikkay said…
aw your puppy is just the cutest
Meesh said…
Nikkay thanks! He is my "furry" baby!! :)
Have a great day!!

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