The Hubs...

Today's post is the first of 5 or so in a series I will title: Why I *heart* that man!

Today is about "that man."

See I met the now hubs when we were freshman in college...
We chatted a little between freshman year and sophomore year...
Then sophomore year well we just hit it off! 

And we have been together every since!!

See the reasons I *heart* that man are because he is amazing!
Don't get me wrong, we fight and argue and bicker just like any other couple!
We are not perfect and we don't pretend to be.

We come from completely different backgrounds and families but somehow... we work!

So the hubs name is Toby, I like to just call him To (toe) and poor man answers to it!
So why is he amazing you ask... well...

See he is popular:

And dresses up nicely:

And totally loves my fam:

All in all he is a pretty awesome guy!



shannon said…
I love this post and I love the both of you! Yay brosif!
Meesh said…
Thanks ShanMac!! Love you too!

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