Friends are like BRAS....

Haha hope you enjoyed that title!!

You are probably wonder how on earth are friends are like bras...well wonder no further....

So what is a friend

Well that is their definition but I have some of my own!!

Friendship is... 

Having a built in person to argue with, fight with, cry with, laugh with, be "evil" with, take pictures with, enjoy family get together's with, tease one another, forgive and love.  Knowing that person will be there for you no matter what... being the person admired by your "mini me" and her never realizing how much you admire her spontaneity, her energy, her love for all things crazy and her soft spot of a heart that she thinks no one realizes is there... *heart* you Poo  

Your wifey, the Christian to my Sean, Target connoisseur, lemon hating, wedding planning partner, who will tell you are being a brat but let you at the same time, she will hold your hand when you are sad and won't hesitate to pick up the above mentioned Poo from school just so she doesn't have to sit there, she also won't hesitate to PooSit for a weekend or 2 or take her Neph and keep him entertained for the day, she will take your ideas to your husband and present them as her own (that way he actually likes them!) and she will adopt you into her family and treat you as one of her own... *heart* you Lindzor

The bubbly crazy yet "scary" popular blonde you roomed with freshman year of college, the blonde that forced you to leave your dorm room and make friends and enjoy being "free", the blond that proceeded to become one of your best friends, supporters, helpers and like family in the end, the blonde that introduced you to the fam and let you adopt her sister and nieces as your own when yours were so many miles away, the blond who threw you a bone for your first job, the blonde who helped to throw you an amazing wedding shower and continues to keep you updated all things fun via lunch dates and coffee outings (which typically always involve shopping!) .... *heart* you StacyMay 

It is the cousin who you haven't seen in years yet as soon as she finds you via FB again she and the rest of the wonderful family (Adorable Aunt and Cousin *heart* ya'll!!) send you an amazing package for your wedding shower and hit your style dead on, the same cousins keep up with your life and torture their mother and take her picture just as you do to her sister (their aunt!) and it is as if you never left home...*heart* you Sophie! 

It is the adopted big sister who takes your crazy texts, FB messages and phone calls to ask about the most random of things and will listen to your mindless chatter for hours on end, the adopted big sister who is smaller than you but you know better than to mess with her, the adopted big sister who WILL make you try something new whether it is food or music, the same big sister who will describe in detail what you are eating to determine what your reaction will be and yet she is still brave enough to drive all the way to NYC and back with you... *heart* you Jesse (did I finally spell it right?!) 

It is the girl who befriended from Day#1 of your move to "The Gouve", who proceeded to convince you dance again ;), who gave you a group of people who ended up being friends for years to come, who held your hand when you were sad or excited, nicknamed you ChelleBell and the girl with the HOLLOW LEG, the girl who was so crazy and fun that you can't help but smile when you are with her and the girl who flew on a middle of the night flight from LA to Vegas the night before your wedding to celebrate your impending nuptials, held your hand on the day of, played photographer and shared your big day (did I mention this was all a Monday!!) then boarded a flight and went back to work the next day... *heart* you Margaret Olga!! 

The woman at work who you weren't sure even liked you at first, who now teases you like it is her job and takes the retaliation like a champ, who knows you always have her back ;), who entertains you with her stories, always shares her food and pays for your coffee and bagel every other time, the same one who when you aren't at work or late txts or FB messages you cause she cares and turns out to be a great friend... you are awesome Pat and you know I *heart* you!!

The OTHER girl at work who you were ALSO not sure liked you (go figure haha), but ended up being your BFF :) , she became your lunch partner, your buddy, your protector, she let you figure out everything for yourself but wanted to fix it the whole time, she torments you and gives you a run for your money but you know she's an old softy... oh and she loves her some homemade cookies...RhiRhi you *heart* me!! 

So what is friendship to you?

Love, Meesh :)


Bree said…
I love this! I just started college back and have been asking myself quite recently what friendship really is. The biggest thing for me is having someone there to help you when you fall on your face or even to prevent you from falling in the first place. I'm really happy that I stumbled across your blog!
would you like to follow each other?

Meesh said…
Bree, thanks so much for stopping by and being my newest follower!! You have a new one too ;)

I am glad you liked the post!! And thanks for the comment, I completely agree someone to be there to prevent the fall or at least clean up the mess afterwards would definitely fall into the friendship category!! :)

Yay for blogging!

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