Disneyworld Engagement

So this is part 2 in the series "Why I *heart* that man."
If you are wondering what I am talking about, here is post 1.

So on May 8th, 2008 it happened!!
The To(by) finally asked me to marry him!! OMG!! 

So here is an idea of how the day went!

This was our 2nd Disney World trip and I am obsessed with all things Disney!
So my first stop is a.) Magic Kingdom and b.) My castle (you may know it as Cinderella's but really it's mine!)

We go to visit this day and it was "closed" to visitors due to some talk show being filmed there : (


To(by) is a totally organized person, I am the scatter brain of the 2 of us.
Well on this particular day, he let his camera fall out of his pocket on a ride!! 
I could not believe my eyes and ears!
Those are the types of things I do!

So on and on goes our day... well I had heard about this amazing place called Cinderella's Royal Table and wanted to go there so badly!!

Alas they book up about 6 months out : (
I was so distraught...

Then we finally got to walk through the castle!! And To(by) stops and talks to the lady at the restaurant entrance: "Reservations for 2"
OMG!! I get to go up there and eat in the castle?! 

So up we go... as soon as we are seated off goes To(by) again... (me thinking: so odd of him, oohh look pretty!)

Well we eat dinner and it is all good...

Then dessert comes out...
It is a covered dish and the waitress tells me "a special dessert for the princess" (they call everyone princess and prince there haha)
Well as she takes off the lid and I look down, this is sitting on my plate!! And I look down and there he is down on one knee asking me to marry him!! 
And the whole thing is being photographed!!

Well friends, I have that glass slipper to this day, the flutes we toasted with and the rose petals too!

Oh did I mention the 2 mice and fairy godmother came over and congratulated us?
Yeah that happened, be jealous ; )

And that is the story of how I got engaged... like I said, "this is why I *heart* that man." 


P.S. the whole camera fell out of his pocket on a ride thing was later explained to me, the ring was in his pocket all day and he was holding on to it during every ride and didn't even pay attention to his camera :) 


GrayGray said…
Too sweet for words! I like this man of yours. He's got class <3
Meesh said…
Thanks GrayGray he is pretty classy!

P.S. Love your heart!

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