Capturing me some joy... Living In Yellow Style!! :)

Thanks for this LIY! Loved doing this post! :)

First time away from home and in Vegas!! 

We're late, We're late for a very important date! 

One happy hubby! 

Joy can we all agree? 

It really is a dog's world out there! :)

90's had to make a come back at some point right?

And two became one...

It's your night have some fun with it!

Ittsy bittsy baby toes.. 

I do...



Courtney B said…
LOVE the pictures! You are so adorable :)
Meesh said…
Aw thanks Courtney!! Love your blog too!! So cute!! Glad you found me!! :)
KW said…
Aww, such sweet photos!

Katie Boatright said…
Very sweet. found you on Little miss mommas facebook link.

im a new follower
Meesh said…
Thanks Kristin and Katie!! I am your newest followers too!! :)
-meesh :)

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