Also known as the baby sister... 

So I may be a bit biased... but I am almost positive I have the best baby sister... in the world!
Now mind you we are one of those families that have siblings who are spaced out far in age, the oldest is my brother MaMo who is 32 going on 33 here soon, then me at 26 then the baby sister Poo at almost 20!!
So growing up I always treated this little child like more of a mom-daughter thing than a sister-sister thing (same way my brother treated me and her!)

So I may have spoiled her and babied her over the years... oops!! 
(I think we created a monster!!)

But she has her moments too!
She lived with me and my (now) husband for her first year of college... it was a hilarious adventure!
She and I fought like cats and dogs and always have, she cleaned up after me (I am not the cleanest person in the world much to my mother's dismay!), she doggy sat her "neph" and she hung out with me every night for 10 months while the hubs worked overnights.

Over all she is an amazing person! 

Over the years I have come to the realization she is my best friend, worst enemy, confidant, tattle tale, baby sister and one of the people in the world I know would do anything for me!! 

So I share with you my baby sister THE POO



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