Who is Michelina?

So I realized if anyone really reads this and does not know me...they may wonder what kind of person is this Michelina?  So going off of the idea I saw on someone's page I decided to share a bit about who I am!

I am: a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a wife, a mama to a furry baby (Raj) and currently a chemical dependency therapist.

I am MEXALIAN (Mexican-Italian) and so darn proud!

I am 5' 2"

I married my hubby in Las Vegas this year

I am a total book worm/nerd

I love Harry Potter and Twilight 

I have a horrible memory!!

I write everything down in notebooks or on my phone since as mentioned above I can never remember anything!

I am a total homebody and if possible I would have never left my parents

I was born in Austin, Texas and at 15 moved to The North Country 

I am sarcastic, can be a bit mean, honest and feel so guilty when I hurt someone else's feelings

I went to school for psych and mental health counseling 

My poor husband puts up with me and all my craziness and my family to boot!

I have 3 beautiful nieces who are perfect to me!

I am a bit unique and unconventional in so many ways

My family and friends mean the world to me and I would do anything for them 

I love ice cream

I've developed some crazy allergies in the last few months including: peas, soy and all trees!

I come up with plans and crazy ideas with no intention of ever doing them

I love to craft!

I still call my mother mama and my father daddy and probably will never stop

If you ask my family I am known as Chula, monkey, Chu, Miche (Mee-gey) or Michelle
If you ask my sister I am known as sister
If you ask my brother I am known as "The Pretty Pretty Princess"
If you ask my college roommates I am known as Meesh
If you ask my college friends I am known as Migs or Migelina (how you actually pronounce my name!)
If you ask my co workers I am known as Mich (Mick as they pronounce my name Micaleena) or Mickey (yes as in Mouse haha)
If you ask my hubby I am known as Princess or Chelle 
If you ask my nieces I am known as Aunt Chelle

I will answer to them all!  

That is me in a nutshell!! 


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