The Snack Book...Part II

So the cousin and the brother get a hold of the snake book and quickly turn it into... the SNACK book - Mariano and Felix style!

Well... all of a sudden my snake gets turned into a walking/talking hershey bar and my cousin Frank becomes the creeper who eats that poor hershey bar!

I still remember the heart shaped white-polka dotted- pink stickies that I wrote that story on!

The story took an ugly turn when the hershey bar... had to find an exit!

Once again... the things that traumatize me! So this is one of the first stories I remember about wanting to be "creative" and how crazy and lopsided it ended up!!

Many more stories to come!

And here is a picture of the crazy brother, the baby sister and the poor woman who has had to deal with us all these years!! Wonderful woman that mother of ours!


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