Who am I?

So while looking at other people's blogs, I realized why can't I do that? I like to write and think of random things I'd love advice on so here I go!

I have been thinking lately about a lot of things... I recently started an awesome job with some really great people and am enjoying it a lot! For the first time I get to do what I went to school for and work with people.

I got married 2 months ago (yesterday) in Las Vegas and it was amazing!

I had a 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii and California :)

I have this crazy and amazing family who has shaped me to be this crazy person!! I love them so much!!

So these are the big things in my life that have had me thinking lately.

And what I have been thinking is I am very blessed in my life, I am healthy and have a lot in my life to be grateful for such as family, friends, a home and a job...but my problem is I am not satisfied yet!!!

I see other people who enjoy: photography, scrap-booking, jewelry making, bow making, sewing, crafting around their home etc. and I love all of these things! I dabbled in jewelry making and scrap-booking trying to be crafty but never really figured out how to make it work for me?

So what do I do? Not sure where to turn at this point...

Me and my wonderful parents on my wedding day
Me and the hubby the day of the wedding
Me and the hubby (Toby) at the Mokes in Hawaii


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