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Finding Michelina started out as my place to, well find out who I am and what makes me happy. Along the way I realized that what I love is to create.
I am happiest when I have something tangible to express my creativity, whether it be a list, a meal or a pointless arts and crafts project. When I try to express who I am, the best way is as a crafter, a cook, a baker, a decorator, a doer, a creator and a book nerd.

I am not an expert in anything, but I love continuing to learn and pushing myself to try something new. Through finding my happiness in creating, I also found my way or rather ways to help myself.
Creating - words, decor, crafts, food, clothes and more has provided me with an outlet to be me - awkward, sarcastic and proud. Creativity has also allowed me to spread some positivity, hopefully some inspiration, definitely ways I have found to relieve stress and also my ongoing journey in taking care of me.

So Finding Michelina is a place where - one day you may find a list or plan…

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