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2017: It came to an end and so with it another holiday season

I had started this post in November and had planned on getting it posted, but didn't happen. So I figured I would share it now. The holidays have always been a favorite for me as indicated below. I think growing up, September was a month to celebrate my mother's birthday and fall, October for my sister's birthday and Halloween, November - Thanksgiving, we are food people and December is Christmas!

What is not to love?

I am not sure if I have ever shared this *sarcasm font* but I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! I get such a sick satisfaction out of September through December. I start planning what I want to do for the holidays and dreaming of what I will cook and bake. It is just so much fun for me.

September is always amazing living in the Northeast because that is when the leaves begin to change and we become about as basic as you can get. Apple picking, country stores, boots and pumpkin everything!

October is Halloween and the Poo's bday month, so it never lets me down.


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