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2018 Goals Update #1

So here we are a month into 2018 and I am sharing how far I have come with my goals for this year.

Well, I learned 1 thing for sure - I have a tendency to allow my work life to take over my personal life. It is not so much that I bring work home with me, luckily that is not an option for me. Rather, I leave work and am so worn out by the time I get home mentally and emotionally that I forget to take care of me.

So month one has been trial and error.

Exercise - I managed to do very well for a week on this, I worked out 4x that week and was loving it. However as usual, I allowed other stuff to take precedence over this and push "me" to the wayside. The thing with exercise is I actually enjoy it a lot when I finally get up and do it. I love seeing results and feeling my body respond to the process. So I did 1 week well, sucked the rest -- but haven't given up. A more in depth post will follow on my health journey so far.

Hold myself accountable - well shit, wouldn't you…

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