Monday, July 25, 2016

The Dining Room

So if you recall it has been a year of updating our new house.

Some of the other posts have been about our floors, painting, moving, decorating my craft room with many more to come I am sure.

One of the rooms I was ridiculously excited about was our dining room.

I have wanted a pretty dining room set with a matching hutch to entertain in.

As you know from this post food is what I am all about so it only makes sense that one of my favorite rooms in our house is where we eat.

When we moved in to the house this is what our dining room looked like.

The curtains came with the house and eventually we took them down, but since it is the front of our house we didn't want the windows to be bare. 

Therefore those lovely floral curtains stayed up until we had an alternative.

This was round one of decorating this room. 

Round 2 of decorating the dining room with updated curtains.

It was amazing the curtains made a major change in the entire room.

Eventually we ripped up the floors and laid our new hardwoods.

We also replaced the cheesy gold chandelier with a newer mini version of the one in our entry way.

And lastly we bought new furniture from the Raymour and Flanigan Outlet Center.

The curtains had to come down because the china cabinet + curtains made the wall way too busy.

So we took them down and put up these blinds we got online .

So the final result is this...

I love this room now and enjoy having a place to gather with friends and family.

We have put this room to use multiple times since we got the furniture in February and I am so happy we opted to get this set.

We were able to get a darker set since our floors are the gray color which all of our furniture tends to be darker.

Curtains: Target
Wall art: Pier 1
Cake stand: Target
Chandelier: Amazon 
Blinds: Online company the husband found

So what do you think? 

Too boring still?

I feel like I need to add something to the wall by the doorway to the kitchen but not sure yet if I want to make something or buy something... any thoughts?

Otherwise I am happy with it thus far!

Have a fabulous week as always friends.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Finding Michelina Post Round Up

Just in case you want to catch up on my blog this year so far here is what has happened.
Figured it can't hurt to have them all in one handy place instead of scrolling around looking for a post.

2016 update

Made by Meesh

Floor update

Bucket list

Life update

Craft room update
Bday post

Now you are caught up on the first half of the year.

Any thoughts -- I love to hear them!

Happy reading.


Monday, July 11, 2016

DIY and Chalk Paint Thoughts

So last summer when I first moved in to my house I told my mother I wanted a tray to put on the dining room table.

However because I am so picky I wanted a very specific style and color.

My mother found an adorable one for me to refinish at a thrift store and I set to work!

I had heard about chalk paint for the longest time and the brand I really wanted to use is only sold online and I am probably the only person the world who hates to be things online and therefore I refuse to buy things online. So I went on the hunt for any chalk paint and came across FolkArt Chalk Paint

The instructions were simple - clean the item, dry it, go against the grain on coat 1, with the grain on coat 2, wax/seal.

I used wax on the tray and was not a big fan personally. The wax left a lot to the imagination for me.

It could have been me because I refused to buy the $20 brush recommended.

I also didn't use the correct type of cloth to apply it and smooth it out.

So what I was left with was an item that was waxed but had pieces of lint mixed in.

Unfortunately it was only after I had painted and waxed that I read you can't just poly over the wax. I would have to sand and redo the piece again with chalk paint and then use poly instead of wax. So because it is a decoration piece only without regular use I am not too worried about it. 

So on to the project itself. Here is what it looked like when I started painting the tray.

It was a red finish and I was not a fan - I wanted a black finish. 

It was not too beat up which was nice so I didn't have to worry too much about any dings or dents or "fixing" anything on it. 

Like I said earlier I opted dot use folk art and I liked the paint a lot.

It went on pretty smoothly, but it did take me a few minutes to get used to the way it went on once I started painting.

It looks very streaky on the first coat and doesn't cover 100% which explains needing at least 2-3 coats.

This was the first coat of paint.

I opted to not really sand between paint layers because it didn't feel necessary to make this a perfect project as I am using it for decor only. 

This was after I had painted the entire thing going against the grain first and then with the grain next.  

The finished project. 

I used it first for my fall themed tables cape (ignore the wrinkled tablecloth - I literally just took the pic to show off on IG hahah)

A good before and after shot of the tray

And even though you can not see the tray itself it was used for my Christmas tables cape as well. 

I am happy with the overall project but I definitely did things differently on my next chalk paint project.  Which is a desk for my craft room and I will be sharing that soon as well. 

What do you guys think?

As always I love a good comment on any project so feel free.

Happy Monday, may it be a good week my friends. 


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dream Craft Room Update - Shelfie

So if you recall from this post a few weeks ago I wanted to start working on my craft room.

One of the items I was after was a nice white bookshelf which would serve a dual purpose of holding books - duh - and some storage. 

I kept finding really nice, perfect size ones on craigslist but none of them would fit in my car already put together haha.

So on to Plan B - convince the husband I needed a new shelf.

And here is where today's post enters... introducing my #shelfie using my new bookshelf from Target.

I used some of the tips from Laurel & Wolf below and created my shelf. 

If you haven't heard of Laurel & Wolf before, they offer online interior design and decorating.

They work with you from start to finish to create your perfect space. 
I looked at the items I owned that meant a lot to me and I wanted displayed and just started putting them on the shelf.

I didn't so much choose a color but rather a theme of our lives together.

My "art" is really all of my keepsakes over the years that mean something to me and a few subtle touches.

I am an avid reader and having my books where I can easily access them but they also play in to the decor works for me.

Lastly I didn't want this shelf to look staged or be an area where I never touched anything because that is not how my world works.

This shelf fits perfectly between my closet and the door to this room.

I spent an exuberant amount of time searching for the exact size I would need. 

It stores some of my (many) books I own and more than likely I will update it once I unpack the rest of my books.

Each Item I used to decorate holds a special place to me and adds to the overall feel of this little space in my craft room. 

These DisneyWorld Mickey ears were a prize we won when we went to Disney back in 2008 when we got engaged

We won a cabana at one of the waterparks and this was one of the items they gifted us.

The 2 candles are from my sister for my birthday and both are fun summer smells - Tiki Mango Mai Tai and Pineapple Mango. 

We have gone to DisneyWorld 3 times now and every time we go I get myself a new souvenir and Eeyore has always been one of my favorite Disney characters so he is a memory of my past trips.

This little section holds our cake topper from our wedding, a gift from a friend and my tiki man from Hawaii

This Cinderella Slipper is engraved with our names, Happily Ever After and the date we got engaged.

It held my engagement ring when it was brought to our table and the (now) husband proposed. 

I had to add a picture from our wedding to complete the theme, right?

This is the basket that sits on top of the shelf and it holds all of my ribbons, twines, half finished ribbon projects -- you know the normal stuff. 

A close up of the sign one of my girlfriends gave each of us girls in our group of friends.

It holds so true for us it is kind of scary. 

These 2 lovebirds served as our cake topper for our wedding and a friend from high school was nice enough to crochet them by hand for us.

The poor Mrs. Bird has lost one of her eyes over the years unfortunately, I need a replacement eye.

Lastly we have Tiki Man.

Ever since I watched the Brady Bunch Movie where they end up in Hawaii and tell this tale of the tiki man I needed one.

I walked to every hotel and gift shop within a mile of our hotel when we were there looking for the perfect tiki man to add to my collection of knick knacks. 

I would love to hear your opinions on my #shelfie and if anyone is willing to share their #shelfie that would be awesome.

Thanks to Laurel & Wolf for their tips and given me the idea to search out #shelifes on instagram.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Happy almost FriYAY friends!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

30 for my 30th

DISCLAIMER: This was supposed to be posted June 2015 but obviously that did not happen so instead you get to enjoy it on my 31st bday haha.

2 years ago if you recall I did a 29 for my 29th but to do things a bit differently this time around, this list is 30 things I have learned, favorite memories and things I am grateful for.

Now I am not trying to pretend 30 is something so huge and crazy but rather I want to appreciate and celebrate the beautiful life The Good Lord has blessed me with!!

1.  I am so beyond grateful I grew up with a close family and remain close to my siblings today.

2.  My baby sister best friend Poo is probably one of, if not the closest person to me in this world.

3.  I have learned we are and can be our own worst enemies, look up #19 on last years list and ask me how far I have gone with that...

4.  I have learned family is everything to me and always will be.

5.  One of my favorite memories is our wedding not only for the obvious reasons but it also served as a mini family vacation with my parents and Poo and it was perfect!

6.  Another favorite memory is the first snowfall we experienced when we moved to NYS, my father drove us to the Adirondacks which are only 30+/- minutes from our house in the North Country and we go to see what snow as like.  It was a moment of only us 4 and we just loved it.   

7.  I am so happy to say I have made progress on getting my CASAC and license at this point, see #5 from last years list.

8.  Even though I didn't change much from #19 last year and actually lost the domain, I have started something new and exciting with 3 of my friends!!  Disclaimer that has since not panned out either lol but damn it I haven't entirely given up hope? 

9.  I have learned our paths are not always what God intended and sometimes we have to go His way and while it is hard, it is also ok.

10.  I have learned patience is a virtue I am afraid I will be working on until the day I die probably, but it is okay because we remain a work in progress always right?

11.  Most of my memories center around my family/the husband haha so this one won't be any different, our 1st trip to Disney World.  It was my first time on a plane, my first vacation with the husband and my first time going to Disney World.  It truly was a magical time and I still remember it vividly.

12.  Another amazing memory for me is the first time we tried to enter Canada after moving to NY now mind you this was in 2000/2001.  We go to the border and we were "detained" for lack of a better word due to my father's identification not being current.  This is a story we still giggle about till this day!

13.  I have accomplished my goal of losing weight in a healthy manor and have managed to shed about 15 pounds since December 2014! 

14.  There have been so many changes to our lives since last year that came about unexpected, all of them good BTW and where I normally would freak out and worry so much about the future and unknowns I am finally learning to lean on Him and just let things be #gratitude

15.  I am learning to control my temper and anger every day and while there are still some days I lose, there are more days where I don't!

16.  On the husband's 30th Bday last this year, I opted to wreck my car on my way home from work (I am fine and walked away 99.9% unscathed!) - not exactly a favorite memory but felt like it belonged here and grateful I am ok!!

17.  #16 follows up my 21st birthday when I got in to my first accident (no I was not drunk) and got rear ended resulting in my rear ending another car... yeah I like to celebrate milestone BDays with a bang!

18.  I have learned that sometimes we do the right thing hoping to be a good person but it can bite-cha in the ass... it sucks but that is life sometimes.

19.  I am learning to stick up for myself and this is hard and scary for me!  I am a confident person 99.9% of the time, but hate to say no or not be helpful and I am learning it is okay. This was recently put in to practice once again much to my dismay.

20.  I learned curveballs in life are always going to be there and the sooner we learn to roll with it the better of we will be.

21.  I am forever grateful for my hardworking and persistent husband who without we wouldn't have everything we do.  He's a smart one that guy.

22.  I am so beyond grateful for my amazing family!!  A father who tirelessly helps and does things for us, a mother who supports and listens and tells it like it is, a sister who is my best friend, a brother who even if we don't see him often or even talk that often it is always like "old times", an amazing sister in law who melted right in to the family and gave me 3 adorable nieces and 1 crazy nephew!!  2 sister in laws who are crazy and welcomed me in with open arms, a mother in law who is beyond awesome and amazing and I could not love more if I tried and a father in law who always helps us out and does what he can to be there for us and step mother in law who is just pretty cool!

23.  I am grateful every day for my health, well being, sanity, home, family, mind, faculties, pets, job, food on the table and overall the life I have been so blessed with!

24.  I learned moving is way easier with people doing the moving! Life changed forever! Lol

25.  I have learned it is so much easier to say you can take care of yourself versus actually doing it.

26.  I am grateful I came from a family of cooks/bakers cause without them I would be living off of takeout.

27.  I have learned commuting sucks.

28.  Along with #27 I am grateful for a reliable car to do said commuting with.

29.  I am grateful for dreams and wishful thinking cause without them I would probably be very lost right now.

30.  Gonna cheat on #30 - grateful for life and am learning not to keep waiting on the "right time" to live my life!

What have your years on this earth taught you?


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Life Lately

If you read this post you know just a few months ago I changed jobs, we moved almost a year ago and I was just starting to get adjusted to our new world.

Haha shoulda known better!

My job I started in February was and is a good job.

I enjoyed it and my co workers were ridiculously amazing, as was my boss.

When we moved I began applying to the only agency in our new area that has drug and alcohol counseling and had openings.

I applied I believe 5-6 times getting nowhere each and every single time.

I tried one last attempt and was given an opportunity.

I was offered the job but due to paperwork, background checks etc I sat on it for a while before I was given an official offer and start date.

I felt like the biggest piece of crap going in to my boss's office to tell her I was putting in my 2 week notice 2 months after having started the job.

She could not have been kinder about it honestly.

She was not mad but rather happy for me and the entire team wished me well on my new journey.

It was a good feeling but also very sad as I enjoyed my time there.

I never imagined I would be that person but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

So far I have loved the transition and it has been well worth going through the last 6 weeks as the newbie... again.

It feels like home now and I look forward to this newest challenge.

I never thought my passion would be in drug and alcohol counseling trust me.

But for whatever crazy reason it is where I feel I belong.

I am one step closer to my CASAC and hopefully will be working towards my license this summer.

Things are going in the right direction... I think.

And on to the summer... Let's see what it brings!


Monday, April 18, 2016

The Dream Craft Room

So if you recall this post this is what my old craft room looked like.

It served a dual function - the husband's office and my craft room so it was a mashup of furniture, decor etc.

The closet served as storage for all my Christmas decor in totes and our Christmas tree haha.

However in our new house I actually get a dedicated only for me craft room - woohoo to that!

But it has also taken the backseat to all of the other stuff we wanted/needed to take care of first.

We painted, we did the floors, small changes etc and I am hoping to at least begin doing what I can in my craft room.

Here is what the room looked like when we moved in.

*sorry for the fuzzy photo I took it off of the online listing

Here is what it looks like now... so bad I know but reality.

It is currently the holding cell for all craft related, long dresses cause we only have the double short bars in our closets in our room, extras from the holidays etc.  

It needs a makeover I think we can all agree on that. 

And here is my dream style board of what I want it to resemble down the road.

Craft Room

I have a few of these items already and actually fell in love with the idea of using my elephant canvas as the color scheme.  In reality I would definitely have more color in the room in decor and accents but this is where I want to start.

What do you think?  Good color combo?  Need more of any of the colors? Should I rethink the entire design?  I would love to hear some opinions.

Happy Monday!