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Everywhere I go there I am

Have you ever found yourself thinking "if only I could run away" everything would then be okay? The mere idea of being able to run from reality, from the mundane, from responsibilities, and more sounds appealing to many of us, myself included.

There is only one small problem with this theory - we can never run away from ourselves.

It is so easy to believe that we are not at the center of our problems, but rather the world is. Our job is our problem, reality is our problem or whatever areas of your life you can find to blame your unhappiness on.

Unfortunately this could not be further from the truth. So often we discuss our problems as being separate from ourselves, but honestly our problems, issues, etc. are a part of who we are.

By running away we are only changing our physical environment, we are not changing the very problems that cause us to feel unhappy or in a void.

Money will not fix a feeling of loneliness or unhappiness. Marriage or children will not provide you wit…

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