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Dream Craft Room Update - Cheap desk makeover

A while ago I shared that I had big plans for my new craft room and I had just the desk to do it with.

The husband bought this desk well over a decade ago when we graduated from college and he got his own apartment. 
This is the same desk that resulted in our first big fight when we bought our townhouse.
This desk has followed us on 3 moves and was well worth the money we spent on it, which I believe was something like $20.
So when we bought new furniture last year for the house, the husband got a nice new desk and I gladly inherited the old one.
I once again turned to my trusty chalk paint and went a bit more bold than my last DIY chalk project.
I chose a dark blue which was the complete opposite of what I thought I would do for my craft room - just goes to show you should never close your mind to new or different ideas.

So here is the desk sitting sadly in our basement until I finally had the time to start painting it.
As you can see it was a red colored desk that had seen better d…

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